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Healthy employees are the most important business asset!

The Eat Smart!® Workplace Program supports healthy environments by qualifying workplaces on a set of three (3) standards:

  • Nutrition - the workplace must provide a variety of healthy foods, including whole grain choices, vegetables and fruit, and lower-fat options and substitutions; packaged food product sold in vending machines and in grab-and-go stations in cafeterias are evaluated using the Eat Smart!® Choices Calculator to determine whether or not they meet the Eat Smart!® nutrition criteria;
  • Food Safety - the workplace must have an excellent track record in food safety based on the requirements of Ontario’s Food Premises Regulation and at least one full-time food service employee certified in safe food handling; and
  • 100% smoke-free environment - the workplace must be in compliance with the Smoke-Free Ontario Act (2005) and not sell tobacco products or accessories.

ook for Eat Smart!®

Most adults spend most of their waking hours at a workplace. Look for the Eat Smart!® symbol in your workplace and you will find:

  • A variety of healthier food choices, on the menu and by request
  • Exceptional standards in food safety including kitchen staff certified in safe food handling by your local Public Health department
  • A 100% smoke-free environment

Today we know that healthy eating is crucial in the prevention of many conditions that affect health in both the short and long term.