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about Eat Smart!® for recreation centres

When it comes to recreation centres, finding healthier food choices can be a challenge.

The Eat Smart!® Recreation Centre Program supports healthy environments by qualifying recreation centres on a set of three (3) standards:

  • Nutrition - the facility must offer healthier food choices in the snack bar and vending machines; packaged products are evaluated using the Eat Smart!® Choices Calculator to determine whether or not they meet the Eat Smart!® nutrition criteria;
  • Food Safety - the facility’s snack bar must have an excellent track record in food safety based on requirements in the Ontario Food Premises Regulation and at least one employee certified in safe food handling; and
  • 100% smoke-free environment – the facility must be in compliance with the Smoke-Free Ontario Act (2005) and not sell tobacco products or accessories.

look for Eat Smart!®

Now you can find healthier food and beverage choices in recreation centres. Look for the Eat Smart!® symbol in vending machines and snack bars.