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Your workplace cafeteria may already meet the program's standards. If so, your participation in the Eat Smart! program will promote your workplace as a health-conscious organization.

The Eat Smart! Workplace Program is designed to encourage healthy food choices, food safety and 100% smoke-free environment in workplace cafeterias across the province.

Why should a workplace take part?

  • Good nutrition is especially important for the health of shift workers.
  • This program can benefit employees and their families, cafeteria staff, and visitors to the workplace.
  • Research shows that health promotion programs are cost effective.
  • Disease prevention is less costly than treatment.
  • Safe food handling reduces the incidence of food-borne illness.

Review: Do you qualify?

the benefits

  • Healthy employees are less likely to be absent from work
  • Good health is needed for efficient and effective work
  • Most adults spend most of their waking hours at a workplace Lessons learned at work can influence the home