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become an Eat Smart!® recreation centre

become an Eat Smart!® Recreation Centre

Your recreation centre may already meet the program’s standards. Being an Eat Smart!® Recreation Centre offers the opportunity to promote your facility as a health leader in the community.

Do you quality?

The Eat Smart!® Recreation Centre Program is designed to encourage healthier food choices and high standards in food safety in all type of recreation facilities – including: arenas, pools, soccer fields, indoor playgrounds, fitness centres, community and seniors’ centres.

Why should a recreation centre take part?

  • Healthy eating and active living go hand in hand for a healthy lifestyle.
  • Recreation facilities support their patrons in becoming and staying physically active so it makes sense that they also support their patrons in making healthier food choices.
  • Healthy lifestyles promote the prevention of chronic diseases. Disease prevention efforts are less costly for our healthcare system than treatment.
  • Recreation centres can create a supportive environment where healthier choices are the norm for people of all ages.
  • Eat Smart!® can benefit everyone who uses the facility including regular patrons, visitors and staff.
  • Safe food handling reduces the incidence of food-borne illness.

healthier rec centres

Recreation centres typically sell packaged foods in vending machines and snack bars. The products available are often not the healthiest choices.

The Eat Smart!® Recreation Centre Program promotes the availability of healthier packaged food choices in vending machines and snack bars as well as fresh choices in snack bars (where possible).

Over time, the goal is that healthier choices will be the norm and not the exception in recreation centres.