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Do You Qualify?

There are three standards that premises recreation centres and workplaces must meet to join the Eat Smart!® Program:

  • Nutrition - The food premise must provide a variety of healthier food choices on its menu as outlined by the Nutrition Standard for the applicable program (Workplace or Recreation Centre Program). As well, the food premise must be able to satisfy customer requests for healthier food substitutions (if applicable).
  • Food Safety - The food premise must have an excellent track record of safe food handling for at least 12 months, as well as have at least one employee certified in safe food handling.
  • 100% Smoke-Free Environment - The facility must be in compliance with the Smoke-Free Ontario Act (2005) and not sell tobacco or tobacco products.

  • To be considered for the bronze level award of excellence, workplaces must achieve the above three standards. A fourth standard is required for workplaces to be considered for the silver level award:
  • Supportive Environment - The workplace must meet requirements related marketing - including pricing, placement and promotion - of healthier food and beverage choices.. The workplace must also have an Eat Smart!® Action Committee in place that would plan promotional strategies and act as an informal liaison between the employees and food service contractor(s).

  • To be considered for the gold level award of excellence, workplaces must achieve a fifth standard:
  • Healthy Eating Policy - The workplace must have a healthy eating policy in place developed with representation from all stakeholders.

What are the benefits to joining Eat Smart!®

By participating in the Eat Smart!® program, food premises will:

  • Strengthen their commitment to healthier living by offering healthier food choices
  • Belong to a province-wide program to promote healthier living in Ontario
  • Have promotional opportunities and improve customer relations.

Join us in this exciting program and help spread the Eat Smart!® message across Ontario!

For Schools Go

Becoming an Eat Smart!® school reinforces the Ontario School Food and Beverage Policy.

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For Workplaces Go

Becoming an Eat Smart!® workplace is a key component of a comprehensive workplace health program.

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For Recreation Centres Go

Becoming an Eat Smart!® Recreation Centre promotes healthy lifestyles by supporting healthier eating along with active living.

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did you know?

Eat Smart!® uses research, resources, expertise and experience from health units, community partners, and consumers across the province.

Eat Smart!® supports the adoption of healthy lifestyle choices and safe food handling techniques